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Revolutionizing Online Gambling with Blockchain Technology! – TPE Gaming & Casino News Articles

Revolutionizing Online Gambling with Blockchain Technology! – TPE Gaming & Casino News Articles

JustBet stands out as a remarkable Web3 that leverages to provide a secure and transparent experience. With an array of captivating games and a diverse selection of betting options, JustBet, powered by the WINR Protocol, caters to various preferences, offering classics like dice and roulette, as well as engaging games like Coin Flip and Plinko. Users can conveniently place wagers using popular cryptocurrencies such as ETH, wETH, wBTC, and USDC.


A notable highlight of JustBet lies in its employment of Supra VRF technology, ensuring that all games yield cryptographically verified, untampered, and unbiased random outcomes. This unwavering commitment to fairness and transparency reflects JustBet's dedication to delivering an authentic and reliable gambling experience that users can confidently rely on.

Furthermore, JustBet operates as a Web3 casino, fostering direct peer-to-peer gambling interactions between liquidity providers and players, eliminating the need for intermediaries. Embracing decentralization empowers users to indulge in a truly autonomous gambling experience, free from centralized oversight.

What distinguishes JustBet from conventional casinos is its seamless approach to KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures and regulatory hurdles. This makes it an appealing choice for hassle-free gambling. By integrating blockchain technology and decentralized principles, JustBet reshapes the online gambling landscape, presenting a fresh and innovative perspective.

Here are some of the games that are currently offered by JustBet casino:

Coin Flip: It's a simple game where you can double your money by predicting the outcome of a penny spin. The house edge of this game is 2% which is advantageous to the casino.

Coin flip

Range: JustBet offers a game called Range where players bet on whether a randomly generated number between 1 and 100 will fall within their chosen range or outside of it. This game allows players to control their odds and adjust the level of risk they want to take.



Moon: Moon is an interactive game that involves betting on the crash of a virtual moon. Players place bets on the expected time of the moon's “crash.”


Wheel: Wheel is a game where players place bets on a spinning wheel with different colored slots. The probabilities and payouts for each color are shown in a table. The house edge of this game is 2.04%.


Plinko: Plinko is a fun game where players drop a ball down a game board filled with pegs. The house edge for each Plinko version is determined by utilizing the given probabilities and multipliers.


Dice: In Dice, players can select 1 to 5 faces of the dice, which in turn adjusts the payout multipliers. The house edge in Dice is 2%.


Rock, Paper, Scissors: This game involves players competing against the house by selecting one of three options: rock, paper, or scissors.

Rock paper

Limbo: Limbo is an exciting game where players place bets on the outcome of a multiplier wheel. The mechanics of Limbo are identical to those of Moon.


Lottery: In Lottery, players can select six numbers between 1 and 26. The cost of a ticket is $1, and the payout for winning is determined by the pool size.

How does betting on JustBet work?

JustBet is a leading-edge online gambling platform that offers a novel and exciting way to play. Players can enjoy a seamless experience by connecting their cryptocurrency wallet to the platform and selecting from a wide range of games and betting options.

JustBet uses an advanced multi-asset pool that allows liquidity providers to earn yield from bets and platform fees, motivating them to contribute to the platform. Players can place bets using popular cryptocurrencies such as ETH, wETH, wBTC, and USDC.

One of the standout features of JustBet is its vWINR token emission system. This incentivizes players to keep playing and staking their tokens to earn real yield from bets and platform fees, creating a unique opportunity for players to be rewarded for their participation in the platform.

How can I get started with JustBet?

To start betting on JustBet, you will need a browser wallet that supports Arbitrum. The most popular option for this is Metamask. Once you have set up your wallet, you can add Arbitrum to it. It is recommended to import the platform tokens, such as WINR, vWINR, and WLP, to your wallet in order to track their balances

Deposits & Withdrawals:

In web3 casinos, there is no need for traditional deposits or withdrawals as you can play directly from your wallet. 

To transfer funds to your Arbitrum wallet, there are several options available. One way is to use centralized exchanges that support Arbitrum, such as Binance, Coinbase, and Okx. These exchanges allow you to withdraw funds directly to your Arbitrum wallet and support ETH deposits and withdrawals on the Arbitrum network.

Another option is to use the official Arbitrum Bridge or Across to bridge. These bridges enable you to transfer funds from Ethereum to Arbitrum. The Synapse Protocol also supports bridging funds from various networks including Polygon, Optimism, BNB Chain, and more. This provides flexibility in transferring your funds to Arbitrum from different networks.

How to place bets on Justbets:  

In web3 casinos, you don't need to make deposits or withdrawals since you play directly from your wallet.Placing bets on JustBet is a hassle-free process with no KYC requirements. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  1. Connect your wallet and switch to Arbitrum to start betting.
  2. Ensure you have enough ETH in your wallet to cover gas fees.
  3. Bets can be placed in wETH, wBTC, and USDC. If you prefer betting in wETH, you can swap some of your ETH for wETH on Metamask or a decentralized exchange like [DEX name].
  4. JustBet supports multiple bets in a single transaction, allowing you to set stop gain and stop loss options. These features give you control over your wins and enhance the speed of your game.
  5. Utilize the Multiple Bets and Stop Gain/Loss options to shape your betting strategy.
  6. Once a bet is placed, a window will appear to track the status of your bet, providing a convenient tool to monitor your performance.

     7. Stay updated on transaction status and payouts.
     8. Customize your betting style on JustBet by selecting your preferred game, creating your                     strategy, and starting your betting journey.

Verifying your bets: 

JustBet ensures provably fair gameplay with no tampering, as it is proven on-chain. Here's how it works:

  • Random numbers for the games on JustBet are generated using Verifiable Random Functions (VRFs) provided by the oracle service called SupraOracles.
  • When a game contract receives a request, a random number is generated.
  • The seed for the random number is created and broadcasted to the blockchain, resulting in the game outcome.
  • Gamblers initiate the bet by approving the transaction.
  • The game's smart contract requests a random number (VRF) from the SupraOracles smart contract.
  • SupraOracles utilizes distributed VRF technology to create an off-chain seed for randomness.
  • SupraOracles responds to the request, triggering the WINR Protocol contract to initiate the payout transaction for the bet.

This process ensures transparency and fairness in the games on JustBet, providing players with confidence that the outcomes are truly random and cannot be manipulated.

Be the House: 

JustBet allows you to be the house by adding liquidity to the bankroll and becoming the counterparty to all the bets. Here's how it works:

  1. JustBet operates on a decentralized house model using the WINR Protocol, where the house is represented by the bankroll and gamblers place bets against it.
  2. To participate as the house, anyone can add funds to the WINR Liquidity Protocol, positioning themselves on the house side of the bets.
  3. To add liquidity, visit the Earn page and select the token you want to add liquidity with, such as USDC, wETH, or wBTC.
  4. Enter the desired amount, click “Deposit,” and approve the transaction. You will receive WLP (WINR Liquidity Protocol) tokens in your wallet, representing the value of the underlying assets in the protocol.
  5. WLP can be sold at any time for any asset in the index to remove the liquidity provided.
  6. Liquidity providers enjoy several rewards:
    • The price of WLP appreciates as gamblers lose.
    • Liquidity providers receive vWINR emissions.
    • WLP holders receive additional WLP tokens collected through fees.
  7. However, there are certain risks involved:
    • The value of WLP may temporarily decrease if gamblers consistently win.
    • The index composition of WLP includes volatile assets like wETH and wBTC, causing WLP price fluctuations in volatile market conditions.

By adding liquidity to the WINR Liquidity Protocol, you can participate as the house on JustBet and potentially earn rewards, but it's important to be aware of the associated risks.


Just.bet is a renowned online platform dedicated to sports betting, renowned for its thrilling competitions and enticing promotional offers. Among its highly sought-after events is the widely acclaimed weekly contest, boasting a staggering prize pool of $25,000, presenting participants with a remarkable opportunity to secure substantial financial rewards week after week.

To partake in this captivating contest, users can effortlessly engage by placing bets on their preferred sports events via the user-friendly Just.bet platform. The more bets users place, the greater their chances of emerging victorious and claiming a portion of the impressive $25,000 prize pool. With the contest recurring on a weekly basis, participants can continuously strive for excellence and vie for the coveted prize pool, fueling an ongoing sense of excitement and anticipation.

Referral system:

Just.bet implements a user-friendly referral system, designed to appreciate and incentivize users for introducing new players to the platform. Through this program, users have the opportunity to unlock bonuses and various enticing rewards by simply referring their friends and acquaintances to join Just.bet's dynamic community.

To participate in the referral program, users can effortlessly generate their distinctive referral link by visiting the website. This exclusive link can be effortlessly shared across various platforms and channels, allowing users to reach out to a wide audience. Once a player places their inaugural bet, their referral code becomes permanently embedded within the smart contract. As a result, the referrer can continuously accrue income from every subsequent bet placed by their referred players, ensuring an ongoing stream of rewards.


In comparison to traditional online casinos, Web3 casinos may present a more limited assortment of games and demand a certain level of technical proficiency for optimal utilization. Nevertheless, the advantages offered by Web3 casinos are truly remarkable. Just.bet, for instance, stands as an exceptional Web3 casino that empowers its users with utmost authority over their funds, while delivering unparalleled security and privacy safeguards.

By engaging in gameplay directly from their personal wallets, Just.bet users are relieved from the obligation of depositing funds into a centralized bankroll or entrusting the casino with their finances. This translates to users enjoying comprehensive control over their funds at all times, accompanied by an enhanced sense of privacy and security. Furthermore, the decentralized nature of the blockchain ensures that the system remains impervious to manipulation or any attempts to misappropriate user funds, as no single entity holds unilateral authority.

In addition to these remarkable advantages, Just.bet offers a captivating array of features designed to captivate users. These include an exhilarating $25,000 weekly contest, an enticing referral program, and a user-friendly platform that facilitates effortless bet placement and seamless navigation. With its unwavering commitment to security, privacy, and user autonomy, Just.bet emerges as the prime choice for online gambling enthusiasts who place paramount importance on these transformative attributes.

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